•  October 30, 2015

MU Stage 1 and 2 Certification for Better Patient Care

The importance of medical facilities being able to utilize EHR technology and provide care cannot be overemphasized. With more medical practitioners relying on technology for the storage and transmission of information, there is a growing need to be compliant with the latest technologies.

Security and Efficiency

Considering the fact that healthcare providers and IT vendors have to be compliant and credible, the sector requires a secure and efficient system. Developments in data gathering, communication and treatment have enabled health care providers to access the tools they need to work more efficiently.

Certification indicates that you have met the required standards in your professional capacity within the industry. By virtue of the services that they provide, healthcare facilities are required to be accountable and efficient.

Importance of Technology Services in Healthcare

?         Facilities in the healthcare field need to be able to keep up with the financial and regulatory expectations that the sector is known for. This requires the delivery of efficient and effective technology services that will facilitate faster deployment, lower costs and world class standards.

?         The capability of the service provider needs to cater for a broad spectrum of the industry?s requirements that include maintaining various applications, software outsourcing and personalized development.

?         The provision of business solutions that are based on leading technologies is essential for transforming the industry in a positive manner. This involves collaboration with key stakeholders by giving them the ability to make the best choices for their organizations.

?         The healthcare industry has undergone several changes over the years with stakeholders placing more emphasis on improving processes, lowering costs and providing the best patient care possible.

?         Healthcare interoperability is essential and requires everyone involved to share data. The objective of this is to give patients better care while enhancing security and quality of services.


MU stage 1 and 2 certification enables healthcare providers to give their patients the care that they deserve. It paves the way for developing secure and trustworthy health records digitally to ensure that critical information is accessible whenever it is required. Health IT enhances the quality of services in healthcare facilities while making healthcare more affordable for everyone.

Impact of Healthcare IT

?         The integration of IT serves to give health care providers access to all the information they need pertaining to the health of their patients. This makes it easier for providers to give quality care during regular visits and medical emergencies.

?         With electronic healthcare records, care can be efficiently coordinated for patients who suffer from chronic conditions. They provide a way to share information electronically and securely among patients and families when informed decisions need to be made about health concerns.

?         With accurate and comprehensive information available, health problems can be diagnosed in a timely manner, medical errors can be minimized and quality care can be provided affordably. Integrating healthcare IT into healthcare services involves using various electronic techniques that improve data management.

Certification is part of the process of including information technology in primary care to cut down on medical errors, improve security, enhance patient safety, upgrade systems, design better processes, implement electronic health records and connect hospitals.