•  November 16, 2015

MU stage 1 and 2 certification-Enjoy the innumerable benefits of EHR meaningful use

There has been a lot of talk about meaningful use technology in the medical world over the past few years. With the third phase coming up in 2016, the excitement is even more. The field of medical practice has been a beneficiary of so many technological advancements. There is better technology to make sure that patients receive the best treatment solutions. At the same time, there is technology that ensures medical records are handled excellently. One of the major challenges in many industries is data management.

Health practitioners are not an exception to the troublesome issues that are related to data. Storage used to be a problem once upon a time. People were limited to CDs, floppy disks, hard drives and so forth to store data. With cloud technology, there is no way that one can lack storage for data. The major problem of late has been putting the stored data into use meaningfully. Fine, you have collected the data, then what?

Enter meaningful use

At the most basic level, meaningful use concerns the usage of certified electronic health record technology to improve patient outcome. It has so many objectives among them improving the safety and efficiency of healthcare services. Health practitioners can reduce trial and error methods in diagnosis and treatments. This is because there will be data available to other medical practitioners. It advances care coordination efforts and public health.

It is worth mentioning that meaningful use also defines sharing of patient?s records with other medical professionals in a bid to improve provision of healthcare services. It does this while all the time maintaining the privacy of the patient?s health information. No one wants to wake up in the morning and find their medical records making rounds on social media. Patients and their families are also engaged in the process. Increasing patient engagement betters the outcome significantly. The merits that you will get to enjoy as a medical professional are so many. All that you need to do is get the MU stage 1 and 2 certification.

Compliance and its many merits

One of the merits that you might have picked up while reading is that MU improves patient outcome. You will be able to boost the performance of your medical practice because there will be better clinical outcomes for your patients to boast about. Of course by extension this means that there will be improved health outcomes within the population. The government has been pushing for meaningful use compliance for some time now.

If you want to get qualification for the incentive programs that have been developed by the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), there are goals that must be met by all those practitioners who are eligible. When you meet these targets of using the EHR meaningfully, you are eligible for reimbursement through any of the EHR incentives whether Medicare or Medicaid.

Get help with compliance

To enjoy these incentives you must be certified for meaningful use. This is where companies like Mesu Solutions come in to help out. Mesu has been providing excellent service to various medical professionals across the country. Do you have questions about MU stage 1 or 2? These are the people to get in touch with.